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Hey there, thank you for joining me, my name is Victoria Obermaier and this month I am talking all about beauty.  So, last week I talked about being kind of ourselves and what that means about the words that we say and how we need to forgive ourselves for all the things that have happened in the past.  If you feel that that would be helpful for you then I would encourage you to go back and listen to that episode.


Today, we are talking about our uniqueness.  Now there are 7.5 billion people on this planet and not one person is the same.  Now I think that is amazing.  We are all different in some way, we are all completely unique and that is no accident.  So, with all of those differences, with all of that uniqueness, why do we spend so much time comparing ourselves to others and often comparing ourselves pretty unfavourably to others.


So, we spend a lot of time don’t we trying to mold ourselves into other people.  We follow the crowd, we want to be a part of a group, we mold ourselves into the latest craze, we follow the latest trends, if its popular we think oh we ought to be doing that too then. I mean I’ve got a cupboard full of bread machines, juicers, toast makers, which were all the rage and are now sitting in my kitchen cupboard gathering dust and taking up room.  Just because everybody else is doing something doesn’t mean to say that it’s right, we’re all using plastics but that doesn’t meant to say it’s right does it?   The slave trade was really popular, that doesn’t make it right.   We ought to be celebrating our uniqueness, we ought to be grateful for being so unique, grateful that there is nobody else on this planet quite like us and we need to be shining bright.  If we try to confirm then we lose our sense of identity, we lose control over our own hopes and dreams because we take on the hopes and dreams of somebody else, we become something that we are not, we lose our own sense of self and we wonder who we are anymore.    We become a square peg in a round hole.  So, if you are somewhere or doing something where you feel as if you are confirming to something that is not aligned with who you are, then I could encourage you to have a really hard think about are you compromising your uniqueness to try and fit in.


Recognise your own uniqueness – now that might take a bit of work for some of us because we are probably so used to conforming to what other people think that we actually don’t know what we think anymore, we don’t know what makes us unique, so I would encourage you to spend some time, thinking about all of those wonderful things that are in you, that make you absolutely unique and write them down so you can remind yourself of what is it, of what is it that makes you special.


We all have our own unique life experiences, don’t we?  That we can bring to the table so embrace those, embrace those experiences, positive or negative because that’s what’s made you you.  That’s what’s made you unique.  Embrace the qualities that make you, you.  A colleague of mine, a really respected colleague, fantastic woman, had lots and lots of time for her, I remember she once told me and we were just on our own, she didn’t say it in front of anybody else, but I remember she once told me that I talk too much.  And she’s probably right, there are occasions when I do talk too much, but actually I’m really thankful for that now because if I didn’t have the ability to talk a lot I wouldn’t be able to do vlogs, I wouldn’t be able to do lives, I wouldn’t be able to show up and just talk, so I thank god for that quality that I have, within me.


I’ve got a friend, a really dear close friend that I’ve known for a very long time, and he’s amazing because he is totally himself, he is completely unique, absolutely there is no one else on this planet like him, I am telling you, in lots of ways, but he absolutely celebrates who he is, he is unashamedly himself and there are lots of people who don’t really get him, but that makes absolutely no difference to how he shows up to the world.  He celebrates his uniqueness, he loves his uniqueness, and he absolutely revels in it and I tell you what, we should take a leaf out of his book because it’s amazing.  So, I would encourage you to be your unique self, do not try to conform to anybody else’s values and beliefs that anybody else’s hopes and dreams, be totally you.  Be your authentic self, search within for your uniqueness if you really need to find it, dig deep and find out what it is about you that makes you unique, don’t feel like you have to meet everyone else’s expectations, because their expectations are nothing to do with you.  They don’t know you, they don’t know who you are, they don’t know what makes you unique, so don’t try and fit in with somebody else.  And be proud of who you are, show up to the world as you and not a watered-down version of somebody else.  So celebrate your uniqueness.


Okay, you can send me message, you can contact me on Facebook or Instagram, you can access my courses in the tab above! See you next time.

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