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Insecurity is a liar

Hey there, my name’s Victoria Obermaier and I am a confidence coach, motivational speaker, writer and the very proud owner of a membership group called The Open Doors Club, which is all about building your confidence so that you can open doors that you thought would be shut to you forever.

We are in a series about getting out of our own way and in this episode I want to talk to you about the fact that insecurity is a liar.  It’s a strong title, but I think it really fits because I just wanted to encourage you to think about insecurity shows up in your life.  So insecurity shows up in various ways, so it might look like for you that you feel insecure in your relationships, that you feel insecure in your job, that you feel insecure with the way you look and that insecurity can have a really detrimental effect on you, your life and those around you.  And the only thing that insecurity does is rob you of your peace.  It serves absolutely no purpose whatsoever, it has been a thorn in your side perhaps for a very long time, where it’s whispered rubbish in your ear that you are not worthy of a decent partner, that you’re not worthy of a decent job, that you are not worthy to feel confident about yourself.  Insecurity steals your peace and your confidence and so I want to encourage you today, to really grab hold of insecurity and give it the really clear message that from today you are no longer going to allow it to steal all of the things that you are absolutely entitled to for your life.


Okay?  So I just want you to really think about that.  I want you to kind of mull that over in your head, and really consider how have I left insecurity to rob me of the things that I want to do in my life.  If you want some help with this then reach out to me on a one to one, I would love to work through that with you.  If you would rather a group situation then I would really encourage you to get into the membership, The Open Doors Club because in there we talk all about confidence for mindset and how we can feel confident with the way we look, how we can feel confident knowing who we really are, how we can feel confident stepping into new careers, we cover loads of stuff, we’re going to be covering loads of stuff in the next 12 months so I’d encourage you to get over to there, you can find details of that on here, you can also find me on Facebook Victoria Obermaier Coaching, you can also find me on Instagram Victoria Obermaier Coaching and yes I think that’s it.  Did I say let me just go back to my website www.victoriaobermaiercoaching.co.uk – did I say the coaching bit, I can’t remember.


Anyway, I hope that was helpful, it’s quite a short one, but that’s good, short and sweet.  Have an amazing day, let me know what you think, get in touch, love you all and I will speak to you soon.

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