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Everything for a season

Hey everybody, welcome, my name is Victoria Obermaier and I am a career confidence coach and I am passionate about helping people to be the best that they can be.  So we’ve been in a period talking about positive thinking – I just have to check on my notes!  Positive thinking and I’ve been talking each week about different aspects of positive thinking.  It’s a huge, huge area really, but I just want to encourage you that so many things come from positive thinking and just to remind you that our thoughts create our reality.  So if you look around you, everything that you’re surrounded by, everything you’re wearing, everything you’re sat on, everything that you’ve used every day has started with a thought, has started with a positive thought in somebody’s head, it’s had to get from somebody’s head out into the design process, and out into production and out into the world.

So, your thoughts are really important, so it’s really worth spending some time thinking about how you can make your thoughts more positive because like I say your thoughts create your reality.  So if you think about that, if your thoughts are negative then your reality will be negative.  If your thoughts are positive then your reality will be positive and it sounds quite simplistic but actually that’s kind of it in a nutshell, so if you get your thinking right, oh my gosh life is so much easier and so much more enjoyable.  Honestly, I’ve been on a journey about and I’m quite a positive person anyway, probably really always have been, but I’ve still there’s always room for growth isn’t there?  Doesn’t matter where we are in our journey we can always find room for improvement and so I’ve worked really hard on my positive thinking.  So today I wanted to talk to you, I love this one, I wanted to talk to you about everything for a season, so, if you think about, let’s go back to the analogy of season, so let’s start with okay, let’s start with autumn, so autumn is a season of change, great change isn’t it, so we’ve got our four seasons, autumn is the season of great change.  So in autumn, I love autumn it’s a beautiful season isn’t it because the leaves on the trees change colour.  I love in the Wye Valley and the Wye Valley is beautiful in the season of autumn, it’s beautiful anytime of year, but it’s really beautiful in autumn because the leaves on the trees are changing colour, and everything just looks really vibrant and interesting.

So we’ve got autumn as the season of autumn develops what happens is the leaves start to fall off the trees and as the leaves fall off the trees everything starts to look a bit untidy, and the leave get kind of mushed together and it’s all looking a bit kind of mulchy and not very attractive or vibrant anymore, so autumn is a real season of kind of shedding the old, isn’t it?  So it’s shaking off the old and that looks messy.  We then move into winter, now winter nothing much happens in winter does it?  And if you live in the UK it can be a pretty grey season, the sun is actually shining today which is great because we haven’t seen it for quite some time, but often in the UK it’s grey and dull and nothing is really growing, and it rains a lot and it can feel a bit meh.

Okay, so we’ve got winter, nothing much going on, then that’s followed by spring and spring is such a season, it sounds a cliché but it’s so clichés are true, clichés are used because they’re true, spring is a season of real hope isn’t it because you see those little shoots that are coming up, so when you think that nothing has been going on in those winter months you realise as those shoots come up through the soil ah okay, yes things have been going on but it’s been under the earth if you like, under the top soil.  So you get these things happening in spring and it’s a bit of a, it’s a bit of a reminder that there is hope and new life and then you come to summer and it’s amazing and things burst forth and you’ve got flowers and colours and hopefully blue skies and the sun is warm on your skin and it feels beautiful.  And then you go into autumn again and so the cycle continues and I love that about seasons, it’s inevitable isn’t it, I know there’s all the whole climate change and things like that, let’s just take that out of the picture for a minute.  Generally, we’ve got our four seasons and they come one after another and you know don’t you that autumn is followed by winter, it’s followed by spring, it’s followed by summer.  And I think that’s a great analogy for our lives, so in our lives we go through different seasons, so for example you can be in a season of winter, where nothings happening, where everything looks pretty bleak and a bit shitty and you can’t see out of that season but things, seasons always follow each other, so just remember if you are in a season of winter which looks pretty hopeless, winter is always followed by spring and when you think that things haven’t been happening in that season of winter where there isn’t much hope, you’ll realise in the spring that things will have been happening behind the scenes, to spring to life in your next season.  So even though you can’t see things that are happening, there will be things that are happening that will come to fruition later on.

I think about that in my business, so you know there are lots of things that I do, where I don’t see immediate reward if you like so I might put a post out there and I might not get loads of likes or loads of comments, but then 3 months later somebody said oh I saw that and it was really helpful.  Well I didn’t know that at the time, but I just have to trust that everything that I do is right for a particular time and that’s the same for you in your life.  So I really want you to think about whatever season you are in, it will be followed by the next season and that is inevitable because that’s how life is, but you can choose how long you stay in each season or you can choose your attitude to each season.  Now have a think about that, because remember what I said about our thoughts create our reality, so if you’re in a season of winter and you’re feeling quite despondent what can you do to get yourself out of that season quickly.  Somethings might be beyond your control but there might be some things that you can do, to get yourself out of that season quicker.

You might be in a season of summer and you might think right, how can I make this season last, if you like summer – how can I make this season last in my life as long as possible.  How am I going to make sure that most of my life the season is summer.  So whilst it’s inevitable that these seasons come and go, you can choose how long the seasons are, does that make sense?  I hope it does.

Okay, so something for you to think about and have you got any questions about it, about how you can make the seasons last longer, the ones that you want to, then I would love to chat to you about it but just think, just hold on to that, that if you’re in a pretty rubbish season it will always be followed by a better one, and there are things that you can do to bring about that next season quicker.

Okay, so hope you found that useful, you can follow on YouTube, subscribe to Victoria Obermaier Coaching, if you don’t want to miss my weekly Vlogs, or you can follow me on Facebook and Instagram at Victoria Obermaier Coaching.  I would love to hear what you think so just drop me a message on any of those platforms, let’s have a chat and I will see you next time.  Bye bye.

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