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Don’t try to be like anyone else

Hey there, my name is Victoria Obermaier, I am a confidence coach, I’m a motivational speaker, writer and proud owner of a membership group called The Open Doors Club which is all about building your confidence so that you can open doors that you thought would be shut to you forever.


We’re in a series all about getting out of our own way, and in this episode I want to talk to you about being yourself.  Now, there are more than 7 billion people on the planet and each and every single one of us is unique.  We were made that way, that’s the way we were made.  It’s a little bit, if you think about a £10 note they all have a serial number on them don’t they, they’re all different.  We’re like that, we all have our own serial number if you like, because we are all different.  We all have unique things to bring to the table and I really want you to get hold of that because I think we waste so much time, I’ve been guilty of this myself, we waste so much time trying to be like somebody else.  Trying to look like somebody else.  Trying to have the same figure as somebody else. Trying to have the same talents as somebody else, we can’t do that and the only thing that happens when we try and match ourselves exactly to be like somebody else is that we just look like a really poor copy of them, we look like a poor counterfeit if you like.


So, I want to encourage you to embrace who you are, recognise the talents, that have been put within you, because you are special.  You have something really special to bring to the table and if you are trying to be like somebody else, the only thing that you will do, is be in their shadow, so step out of somebody else’s shadow and step into your own light, so that you can be the person that you were meant to be.  This is a really short one today, but I don’t think that there is any need to really labour the point, the thing I would say to you is if you were really struggling with who you are, then I’ve got some excellent tools and resources that can help you with that, so hop on over to my website, and you’ll be able to find some things that will really help you.


There are some excellent resources in my membership group if you really want to work on finding out who you truly are, and if you don’t believe that you are someone special and that you have something special within you, then I would really encourage you to go over to my website and find out about my membership group, it’s a really low cost, there’s no high prices involved at all, it’s accessible for everybody, and you’ll find some excellent things in there and a really group community.


So, like I say if you want to get in touch with me that would be brilliant, reach out here or you can find me on Facebook as Victoria Obermaier Coaching, you can find me on Instagram as Victoria Obermaier Coaching.  Okay?  Take care of yourselves, I love you all and I will see you soon.

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